Rallyin’ the Battalion

featuring “The Ten O’Clock News” with Jovino Santos Neto

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Since 2012, Cavalerie has been an active performing act in Seattle. Guitarist Max Walker, Drummer Yzech Tahar, Bassist Moe Weisner, and Vocalist Jackie Pomeroy have constantly worked to meld their creative influences in Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, and Soul (to name a few). Rallyin’ the Battalion is the result of these past 6 years of hard work.

Released April 8, 2018

Vocals – Jackie Pomeroy
Guitar – Max Walker
Drums – Yzech Tahar
Bass – Moe Weisner
Vibraphone (3) – Jack Burgess
Synthesizer (5) – Jovino Santos-Neto
Engineering, mixing, mastering, production – Alek Edmonds
Composition – Max Walker
Lyrics – Jackie Pomeroy
Album Art – Roache the Muralist

Recorded at Robert Lang Studios and Synergy Studios
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